Not everything happens for a reason

“Everything happens for a reason.” Please never say these words to me again. I understand everyone’s beliefs and life experiences differ. What you need to understand is that I’m about to give you my opinion and that you are voluntarily choosing to read it.

So here goes… Everything happens because it happens. If you are alive, you move forward. You wake up tomorrow and face the world. It’s that simple.

The things that happen next in your life are the result of what you have already experienced. As humans, we are always trying to better our situation, to be more successful, to be happier. No matter what happens, you should never stop striving for happiness. The obstacles you overcome will make you stronger. They make you look at the world differently. This can contribute to who you become, but they’re not the reason why. You’re the reason you are who you are. How you respond to the things you experience shapes you to become the person you are and to think the way you think.

Yes, your surroundings can affect you; so can how you were raised and the people you surround yourself with. Take a minute and look around at the world. There are tragedies, big and small, happening everywhere all the time. You can’t tell me that people are supposed to suffer, that everything happens for a reason. You can say that everyone learns from their experiences. You can say that while we are alive we should make everything the best experience it can be. Enjoy every day and tackle challenges as they come.

We are all human, we make mistakes, we can be greedy. But we also can be giving, helpful, and supportive. We are easily distracted; we buy things we think we need to be happy and make excuses for why we’re not. Experiences are the most valuable thing in life; they can’t be taken away from you.

Can you help someone else experience something amazing? Have you had experiences others can relate to? Can you help others going through something similar and make their situation a little less stressful than yours was? We need to work together—as a community, as a country—to help one another and create a place where we can all thrive. So, yes, the things that happen next in your life are the result of what you have already experienced, but that does not mean that what happened was supposed to happen. Look forward, learn from the past, and enjoy today.

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