Mini Life Crisis: 3 Tips that help

Suddenly, I heard a cracking sound. It sounded like someone was in my apartment! I was already emotionally unstable and mildly depressed, and now I was under attack. I began creeping around corners, holding my breath and trying to be as silent as possible. I heard dishes fall in the sink—there was definitely someone there. I peeked around the doorway of the kitchen and screamed! A bird was fluttering between the blinds, knocking dishes over, and eating the dog’s food. There were bird droppings everywhere!

I had not been home for a few days. Do you know how much a bird can shit in a few days? A lot! I grabbed the top of a box and started waving it around in an attempt to shoo the bird outside. At that moment, my only thought was “this is my life,” and the only thing I could do was laugh—puffy eyes, heart racing, shit everywhere…literally. Life is all about the experiences, right? To be honest, this wasn’t the ideal way to come home directly after a breakup.

We can’t always control what happens in life, but we can control how we respond to what happens. Just when I realized that I was having a shitty reaction to the things going on in my life, my home became covered in shit! So I realized, plain and simple, that things in my life were not turning out as I planned—life happens. Not everything happens for a reason. The next question I asked myself was, “How am I reacting?” And the answer was, “Shitty.” I grabbed a mop and a box of tissues and called a friend to vent about life. I have often found that friends can look at situations through a different viewpoint, and talking through things is always helpful. The three tips my friend gave me that day were “take a step back and slow down,” “don’t think you’re crazy,” and “remember that the experiences in life are what really matter.”

Mini Life Crisis: 3 Tips that help

Take a step back and slow down – Things may not be what you had planned, but they will work out. Taking a step back and assessing the situation from an outsider’s viewpoint can help break down the issue, and it can also help when figuring out a resolution, your next step.

Don’t think you’re crazy – This will make you go crazy. Life is crazy; rolling with the punches and finding a way to make it fun is half the battle.

The experiences in life are what really matter – Life experiences are as simple as that: experiences. Not everything will be fun or work out perfectly, but they give us a different perspective in life.

This was the best advice someone could have given me. Although these are concepts that I had heard before, sometimes it takes hearing something at the right time in the right place for it to really sink in. I think about these tips often as I try to figure out what my next life adventure is going to be and how I am going to move forward and focus on the things that really matter in life—experiences, people, and living with a purpose.



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  1. Very interesting post i must say, but i do believe everyone can relate to and take something away to become a better person. great writing .totally enjoyed.

  2. I really wanted to thank you for sharing these 3 amazing tips with us. I genuinely loved every little bit of it. 🙂

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