Routine revamp

Wake up, take the dog out, shower, get ready for work, come home, take the dog out, maybe some Netflix, then bed, and repeat tomorrow. Just existing is not enough. How did I get to a place in my life that’s so predictable and routine? If you’ve known me at any other point in time, then you know that predictable and routine don’t describe me. Passion motivates me. I need to have a job I’m truly invested in, and I thrive in unpredictable moments. Without new experiences, life is boring.

The fear of investing my whole self into anything again and having it not work out as planned was crippling. “I can’t get hurt or fail if I don’t try” is the thought that kept running through my head. Waking up every day and just existing was the result of this thought process, and I thought that was safe.

“Being content is not the same as being happy.” This is something a friend said that really stuck with me. So what makes me happy? Experiences.

By not allowing things in my life that may possibly cause negative feelings, I was also not allowing myself to do things that I loved because of the fear of being let down. When I realized how much I miss being excited and having fun and being happy, I knew it was time for a change.

Be creative and enjoy today! Wake up each day and make the most of every experience you encounter. It’s amazing how a small change in your daily routine can drastically affect your life.

Photography by Joanna Malinowska (Joanna M Foto) on
Photography by Joanna Malinowska (Joanna M Foto) on

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    1. Always take time for those precious moments, those are the times you will remember forever!

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