Hello, 30!

As the alarm begins to go off, the sunshine is peeking through the blinds and the wet tongue of my dog is licking my face. It must be morning. “What day is it?” I think to myself. Sometimes they all feel the same. Sunday, it’s Sunday! The amazing realization that I accidently set my alarm last night as if today were Monday is just the motivation I need to get out of bed!

Summer is over, and fall is here. Where did the summer go? Since I haven’t posted in a while and I have this sudden feeling that I just gained an extra day off, I’d like to share with you some of my summer experiences. Not only did I survive turning 30, move into a new apartment, and start a new job, I met someone amazing and I had a falling out with one of my closest friends—tons of emotions! I won’t bore you with the little details, but I will say that so far, 30 is great! For me it’s just the beginning of another chapter of my life, and I can’t wait to experience what happens next.


For my 30th birthday, some of my closest friends came to visit me in Nashville! They’re the first friends to visit since I moved in 2016. It was a blast! The new job I accepted is a design and communication position, so I am finally using that graphic design degree! My new apartment has more than enough space to really make it feel like home, and I’m currently sharing the space with that amazing someone I mentioned. As for my friend, he is like family to me, but sometimes people grow apart. We were there for each other through a hard time and I learned a lot about myself. I hope that someday we are part of each other’s lives again.

Life is constantly evolving, and I typically keep the personal details to myself. This allows me to make decisions based on what I want and feel is right for me, not on what others will think or whether someone will judge me. Throughout all the changes I’ve embraced this summer, I’ve also been reminded of the harsh reality that everyone sees the world differently. Unfortunately, I can’t control how others react, but I do know that the choices I’ve made have been with the best intent. My 20s were a rollercoaster ride for sure, and I can’t wait for the adventures that will come in my 30s! 

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