Crafty Bastards: 5 Reasons Hobbies Contribute to a Healthy Lifestyle

Whiskey, cowboy boots, and lemon pound cake are just a few of the Southern-themed scents of my line of homemade candles, Home Craft Candle. Moving to Tennessee has opened so many doors for me. I hadn’t made candles since the closing of my store, OffBeat Emporium, in Buffalo, New York. Too many memories caused the process to be very emotional. But they’re just candles, right? For me it’s about the process, the experience of making them, and the smiles of others when they smell the finished product. I find the process to be an escape from reality and overall stress relief.


Crafty Bastards is the first craft fair where I’ve sold my candles. It took place the first weekend of November, and it was a success! Being surrounded by artisans and vendors who all are doing something they love is empowering. Having hobbies and continually learning are key factors in a healthy, balanced life. Although Mother Nature’s high winds caused the second day of the fair to be canceled, it was still an amazing experience.


What’s your hobby? On your day off, when the household chores aren’t calling and the whole day is completely yours, how do you spend it? What’s your stress reliever? Sometimes answering these questions can be harder than you think.

5 Reasons Hobbies Contribute to a Healthy Lifestyle

Hobbies calm nerves. Hobbies create a mental escape from everyday stresses; they can help calm your nerves and help you stay “in the zone.”

They help you become a more patient person. In most cases you learn something new as you get deeper into a hobby. Learning takes time and trial and error. Learning from your mistakes helps build patience.

They contribute to a more balanced life. Everyday life can create tons of stress. Having hobbies allows your mind to refocus and reenergize. This will put you in a clearer headspace to tackle life’s daily challenges.

You create positive stress. It’s human nature to find something to stress about. When you allow your brain to focus on what you love, you create positive stress in your life. Although you may be stressed that you have to carve out time for your adult kickball league, your cooking class, etc., once you arrive at your destination, you are able to focus your energy on something other than everyday stresses.

You build good habits. By spending your time learning and developing a new skill, you are filling your free time with positivity. You are not allowing time for negative activities.

We will always have something to stress about. The key is to find the things that you want to stress about and that will energize you and fuel your passions.


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